Crossfit, flooring for gyms

Starting from the principles of the Quadrio, we have designed Crossfit, the ideal flooring for gyms. Very often the gyms’ floors are ruined by sport machines or weights, but thanks to our Crossfit you can prevent scratches or dents.

The composition of the Crossfit flooring is based on granules of recycled rubber (SBR) mixed with isocyanatic resin.

We also propose a sport flooring in roll. It is 10 mm thick and is made of hot-pressed SBR (styrene Butadiene rubber) granules with polyurethane binders, with a density of 730 kg/m³.
It is available, on request, also in interlocking mats of dimensions cm 105 x 105.



Polymat HD, mat for gyms

Polymat HD is a soft mat for gyms, made of EVA. This material, very flexible and resistant, has a great capacity to absorb shocks. It not requires a special manutention and can be easily clean with normal detergents.

We can provide to you a standard or a custom solution to make your gym safe.