Onda and Maxionda, protective paddings

Codex has created the soft protections Onda and Maxionda, which differ from each other for a different thickness: 22 mm (Onda), 28mm (Maxionda). Available in many colors: green, blue, yellow, red, orange, white, gray and black.

Onda and Maxionda are realized in Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (E.V.A.) and are available in two different versions: non-toxic or fireproof. Non-toxic materials are ideal for installations in outdoor spaces. Instead, the fireproof materials are suitable for indoor applications.

We have designed these padding protections to satisfy any type of request for safety. Thanks to their great versatility, they adapt themselves to any type of support.

The particular wave section allows to distribute the collision between the various concave lateral spaces (L), damping the impact power. (view image below)

protective paddings

Application of protective paddings in cruise ships

Onda and Maxionda can be used as protective covers for columns of each size, pillars, walls, slides and for every support that could be dangerous for passengers. The greatest solution to guarantee safety in cruises.